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creative writer, energy healer

Lee Jayne Patton

Unpack your creative soul

So here I am, unpacking my creative soul. I won't preach to the already converted about that. If anyone needs to "unpack" their creative soul, it is me.

I love the idea of it though. I think we are all creative. We are creation itself, so why don't we use it? This should be at the top of the school "curriculum".

If you are not able to exercise your own unique creativity then how far can you really evolve?

Every moment in our lives has the potential to be creative.

It is not about becoming a world renowned artist, it is about the feeling of having achieved something above and beyond what is expected of yourself.

We are all made up of unique and powerful energy. This is the essence of us all and is what will become our personal legacy.

I wonder what else is to be found at the bottom of that suitcase?

Hmmmm, interesting....