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creative writer, energy healer

Lee Jayne Patton


Just for Today, do not worry.

Just for Today, do not anger.

Just for Today, honor your parents, teachers and elders.

Just for Today, earn your living honestly.

Just for Today, show gratitude to every living thing

Link to: Reiki Australia for more information

Dr Mikau Usui - Founder of Reiki

No matter what you spiritual beliefs are, I truly believe that we are never given more than we can cope with. Some years ago, I was given the gift of energy healing. For some reason the word Reiki kept cropping up for me to the point that it was hitting me in the head. So I took a course, obtained my initial attunements and started from there.  

After some time I sought to expand my knowledge and became a Level II practitioner. As a result, I am now willing to open my arms to the knowledge that lies within us all - the power to assist in our own healing.

I find I am humbled by the simplicity of this energy and amazed by the power of it. I have seen first hand the benefits, not just to myself but to those I love. To quote a dear friend of mine "it just makes everything else go away".  

Thank you Mikao Usui